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Meet Hrushikesh


My Story

In the small town of Pandharkawada in Maharashtra, lived a budding young engineer who dreamt not just of machines and structures, but of numbers and markets. His name was Hrushikesh. After completing his engineering degree at the Government College of Amravati, Hrushikesh's fascination with the complexities of finance drew him to pursue an MBA at Sinhgad Institute in Pune. But he didn’t stop there; he went on to earn his CFA, clear both levels of the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) exams, and conquer the challenging Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF). Each certificate was a stepping stone towards a future he was only beginning to imagine.

Hrushikesh's early career as an Assistant Professor at Pune University was fulfilling yet it nudged him closer towards the financial sphere. He craved the adrenaline of real-world financial markets, a stark contrast to the theoretical problems he discussed in academic halls. This craving led him to Ennovate Research, where he delved deep into the world of equities as an analyst.

By 2019, Hrushikesh was ready to embrace his true calling. He became a SEBI-registered investment advisor, a role that not only respected his deep and varied expertise but also challenged him to use it in ways that aligned with his values. He took pride in his roots from Pandharkawada, a small town that had instilled in him the values of honesty and integrity.

Transitioning from academia and research to hands-on investment advice was not without its challenges. The initial years were particularly trying. In the financial advisory world, Hrushikesh was often tempted with shortcuts to success that promised higher revenue but required compromises on his ethical standards. However, Hrushikesh stood firm. He knew that his reputation for integrity and the trust of his clients were his most valuable assets.

His persistence began to pay off slowly but surely. Hrushikesh’s deep-rooted ethical approach not only retained clients but attracted new ones who valued transparency and diligence over quick gains. His advice helped many to navigate the tumultuous waters of investment, shielding them from fleeting trends and focusing on sustainable growth.

Throughout this time, Hrushikesh also served as a consultant to the Sakal Media Group, and later as an advisor to a cooperative bank and several manufacturing firms, broadening his influence and applying his expertise to diverse financial landscapes.

The challenges were manifold, from convincing small-town investors to trust the stock market to tackling the skepticism of seasoned businessmen about the ethics in finance. But Hrushikesh's approach was simple yet powerful: educate his clients, not just sell to them. He held seminars, wrote articles for local newspapers, and conducted workshops to demystify investing.

Today, Hrushikesh looks back on the rocky roads with gratitude. His office in Pune, Nagpur and  Pandharkawada is a testament to his journey—lined with books, certificates, and a large map showing his clients spread across the country. His story inspires many in his hometown and beyond, proving that with ethics and persistence, one can not only succeed in finance but also pave the way for others to follow.

Hrushikesh's story is not just about finance; it's about finding one's calling and staying true to it against all odds. It's a message that resonates with everyone from young students in his hometown dreaming of big cities to seasoned professionals navigating the complexities of their careers. Hrushikesh’s journey teaches us that true success comes when you align your career with your core values, and perhaps more importantly, when you lead by example to pave a path of integrity.

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